Monday, February 29, 2016

I need routine

I have to change things up a bit 
I am burning out on the tracking 
I had a horrible weekend

like REALLY REALLY BAD!! (food wise) 

vacation was hard to stay on track, 
it was a stay-cation and working out 6 times and
 then not having some grand daily plan led me straight to food too many days ... 

pathetic to say but I am kind of glad to be going back to work 
boy oh boy I am going to struggle when I am retired

I have my meals for the next week all prepped 
vegetable with 4.5-5 oz of chicken or turkey meatloaf 

so I am going to stop entering everything into My Fitness pal 

I am making myself crazy... but I am crashing and burning .... 

so I will follow what I have been doing 

6 AM breakfast same 
9 AM shake same 
noon prepped meal (vegetable with 4.5-5 oz of chicken or turkey meatloaf)
3:00 PM  shake 
6:00 PM prepped meal (vegetable with 4.5-5 oz of chicken or turkey meatloaf) 

I am trying to keep it together. The regular routine of work always helps me 

signing off ..... struggling 

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