Monday, February 8, 2016

Super 2067

my stomach hurts 

I cannot even imagine eating today 

6:30 oats, egg and whites 
9:00 shake 
12:00 shake and an isadelight 
~~~ cooked and had left over ground turkey and snacked on it 
beginning of the slide

2:30 meal in thoughts of thwarting a Superbowl binge 
    vegetables, rice and 4.5 oz chicken 
~~~~ picked the burnt cheese off the au gratin potatoes 
5:00 green beans and low fat Ranch dressing 
I figured the extra ground turkey along with the burnt cheese would be the protein 
~~~ the protein I should have ate with the green beans
~~~~ so so so so wanted the apple pie so I ate more green beans 

caved in and ate the apple pie 

SERIOUSLY  my stomach HURTS this morning 
not sure if it was the MOUNTAIN of green beans in an attempt to not eat the apple pie 

so the apple pie 

I can't even imagine eating today 


February 7, 2016

Nestlé Coffee Mate - Sugar Free French Vanilla Liquid Creamer, 4 tbsp608g4g0g0mg40mg0g0g
Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Unsweetend Almond Milk, 0.5 cup151g1g1g0mg75mg0g1g
Egg - Egg, Boiled, 1 large egg (50 g)700g5g6g215mg71mg0g0g
Egg Whites - Large, 4 large (33 g)681g0g14g0mg220mg1g0g
Quaker - Gluten free Oats, 0.5 cup15027g3g5g0mg0mg1g4g
Isagenix - Isashake, 1 Shake24024g6g23g30mg190mg11g4g
Starbuck's - Sugar-Free Mocha Syrup, 6 tablespoon156g0g0g0mg210mg0g0g
Ground Turkey Breast - Jennie-o Extra Lean, 3 oz900g1g20g41mg53mg0g0g
Kushiage - Fried Cheese, 50 grams1802g14g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Costco - Green Beans, 2 cup9018g0g3g0mg9mg3g9g
Protein - Tyson Chicken Breast, 4.5 oz1240g3g23g64mg56mg0g0g
Rice - Brown., 4 fluid ounce11523g2g3g0mg80mg0g2g
Fresh/frozen - Broccoli, 4 cup (147 g)12020g0g4g0mg120mg8g8g
Trader Joe's - Ranch Dressing, 6 tbls906g5g6g15mg390mg6g0g
Isagenix - Protein, 2 scoops24024g5g24g45mg240mg11g8g
Isagenix - Isadelight, 1 chocolate606g3g1g0mg5mg5g0g
Mrs. Smith's - Dutch Apple Crumb Pie, 0.13 Pie (132g)34051g14g2g0mg310mg26g1g

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  1. I hope your GI system is soothing out. I got to a point where pain was such a huge motivator that I stopped. I just stopped eating my prior binge food.

    Onward and here's to your food template.


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