Saturday, May 21, 2016

okay here's the dealeeoo

down 3 pounds this week 
I was 158.8 Monday 
this morning 155.8
I am looking forward the ole scale going 
okay okay calm down girl 

back to your regularly scheduled post 

can you spell yummo!!! 

the Besto'Pesto was one of the best 
zucchini noodles were sooooo good! 

just the right amount of everything 

and I totally was able to build a healthy day of food around 
I added shakes, breakfast even yogurt 

and of course the gym 
red faced after leg day 
in the gym making the fat strip away!!! 
boo yah -> insert punching emoji here 

this was perfect I didn't even realize but I chose 
higher carb choices for leg day 
the mashed sweet potato was perfection!!! 

now this one.... 
mixed review with a disclaimer 
LOVED the flavor of the turkey and rice 
the cilantro lime flavor was TO DIE FOR 
the green beans meh 
but I love my green beans COOKED 
these were a little al dente rubbery 
I picked them off 
and then proceeded to devour the rest!!! 

close up 

and another 

So I have 2 more meals in the freezer 
I know the perfect situation is to not freeze these meals 
but I have to drive a bit to get them 
and didn't want them to go bad 
so compromise
but I will most definitely be going back and getting more 
I think I will try on line ordering 

definitely adding My Fit Foods to my go to list 


  1. Three pounds is great! Way to go. The food looks really yummy. I even went to their site to see if they sell those near me, but no luck. Enjoy them for me!

  2. Yay!!!! 3 lbs down is outstanding!!!

    I'm gonna check out My Fit Foods.

  3. LOVE My Fit Foods! You are doing awesome!


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