Sunday, May 15, 2016

trying something new

I always cook my meals 
sometimes I overcook them 
like mushy overcooked and I make in advance 
and truthfully I am a little nervous to eat them 
because I am not sure if I have the recalled vegetables in them 

so .... 

I am going to try My Fit Foods this week 

my regular breakfast of 5 egg whites and an egg, oatmeal or Ezekiel toast 

2 Shakes 

and 2 of the My Fit Foods meals 

so here are tomorrows meals 

and I bought 8 meals 

it was $64 
That's only $8 a meal and I am set for the week 
4 days of food and I cleanse 48 hours so I am good to go this week 

easy peasy 

now I am off to chillax and veg out to Iron Man
we went to see Captain America: Civil war (amazing) 
and it got me on a Marvel kick 


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