Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why and Ego

I JUST started reading a new book and immediately realized I made a mistake 
I am "reading" audio style during my commute 
and this is definitely a book I will need to make notes in
When I first started to listen to it ... I was not immediately sparked as he talked
about Generals and sports and politics ... 
then I heard something that sparked my attention

Social media reference and how we put our best selves out there 
and that we don't talk about

I'm scared
I'm struggling
I don't know 
I'm overwhelmed 

Now I am sure if Ryan Holiday were to read this he would be mortified because I didn't properly communicate his message (don't think the odds of that happening are too large) 
and that is kind of the point 

amazing information... I will be going to BUY this book because there is a good message in it and I NEED to hear this!!! 

This got me thinking over the last 24 hours why do I blog? 
I blog because I am scared 
scared of putting myself out there and falling flat on my butt and becoming a point of humor for others .... I am sure this is my EGO ... more why I want to read this book 
but on this blog I can be visibly invisible...  so I can talk about what is on my mind, 
get support from others and kinda, sorta be safely anonymous 
I blog because I am struggling 
What am I supposed to do now with this blog? I have been blogging since December 2009
What are the Health and Fitness answers? I am on track with that BUT again I struggle with confidence to tell people a lot about it 
but I AM getting there with help from A LOT of different places 
and (fake... me pretending to be talking to) Ryan Holiday 
I don't know 
nah that's not true 
I do know 
social media in this format works for me 
I share my experience, strength and hopes and I am honest because 
again I can be visibly invisible 

not all the time
but I do have my days 
today not so much 

bottom line book recommendation!!! 
5 stars!!! 
 tootles blog readers 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Macros

So I have never really paid attention to my macros 
Just tried to reach 140 proteins... Not sure but I may have gotten to 140 ONCE 
So conversations yesterday resulted in targets for My Fitness Pal 

40% protein
30% fat
30% carbs 

I did good!!
And stayed in my calories ... For the most part 
 breakfast (there is toast hidden under those egg whites) 
I added avocado for a healthy fat 

Snack of 1 ounce raw cashews healthy fat 
Egg white omelette with soy chorizo, onions, and jalapeños with tomatoes as a side. 
I try to avoid soy as a general rule but not today ... 
let's avoid the whole soy vs non soy conversation right now 
And lastly dinner was a shake 
Thoughts on the day: more fats actually helped... Not hungry. No binge urges... 
Total day off relaxation. Reading turned into a nap 
4:45 gym this morning and a late day 10-8
late days are not my favorite
153.8 this morning 

Tootles bloggity folks 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Unusual Post

Got goals?

I just finished the book

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results 

and he talked about needing to write down five-year goals 
One year goals 
one month goals 
Weekly goals 

I've always heard this but I've never actually done it just seems kind of silly to me I always thought why?  I don't need to do this .... but this past weekend I sat down and wrote down some goals and when I reflected on them ..... and they had to do with:

Health and fitness 
Matters of the heart and soul

basically the theme after I sat down and reread everything it wasn't so much "oh my gosh I want to be a millionaire" which were my dreams when I was younger now it's more about relationships and being connecting and stop being isolated

The book also made me realize that there's a big huge difference between dreams and goals I don't know that he talked about it so much in the book 

But it's what I got out of it 

What's my one thing? 
I had a really really dig deep because I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, the author 

What is my one thing?? 

Family? Career? Money? Weight? 

And I think I've drilled it down to building relationships

Maybe even focusing more...  Leading a positive life

Karla what do you have to do to lead a positive life? 

Surround myself with positive people
Work in a positive environment 
Have positive supporting relationships 

Sounds easy peasy huh? 

But even more focused I realized I can have a VERY negative mindset 

So time to work on that 

I belong to NEW which is an association of business women and at one of the events a woman spoke about branding yourself (a few years back) and I remember sitting in the audience and nodding and smiling and thinking I had no idea what she's talking about....  but pretending like I understood

I think I get it now

I want positivity to be my brand 

So I am going to share one of my main 5 year goals 

Scary stuff here, not sure this post will see my blog and if it does..... Will I delete it out of fear? 

In the book The One Thing  it talked about the percentage of reaching your goals improving by sharing it and I don't remember the percent but it was significant

so there it is world .... me putting myself out there

I want to brand myself: Positivty

yeppers I have me some work to do!!!

but I can be tenacious! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Day after the mega cleanse

HUGE breakfast .75 C of oatmeal dry measure, 1 whole egg 
5 egg whites 
after a mega cleanse I need to re-feed! 
with a Starbucks 
vente drip 
5 Pumps SF Mocha 
210 calorie Fit Food 
with 50 G of white rice  
mega meal prepping going on  
and more  
and still more 
I didn't like these steamed veggies 
I microwaved the spaghetti squash 
it was 100 degrees here and I 
DID NOT want to turn on the oven! 
Green beans  
18 meals all ready to go! 
I can get up grab them out of the freezer 
and off to work! 
working in a grocery store people think 
you are surrounded by healthy food 
and not tempted 
but that is NOT the case 
Starbucks... Karla want something? 
In and Out .... Karla want something? 
McDonalds.... Karla want something? 
Donut run
ya get my drift 
I go prepared, food all weighed out and measured  
they are all labeled with a letter 
and here are the macros 
so I can do the quick add in My Fitness Pal  
and yummo dinner!!! 
Pork loin and sauted vegetables 
not just yummo 
MEGA yummo!  
I have been a bad girl 
3 days no gym 
I will be there tomorrow when they open!!! 
at 5 AM 
this is THEE best "protein ice cream"
I put it in quotes because 
somehow in my mind this is okay 
as a dessert
hummmm your thoughts?  
my macros were awesome!!! 
I hit the proteins Linda has set for me 
she is my amazing trainer/mentor/coach/friend/sister! 

and calories were good
this morning 156 on the nose 
which is expected ... bounce back from 
the mega drop of the cleanse 
now onto today's plan 
shake day 
err maybe a Karla shake day .... 2 Isalean shakes and food that equals 1235 is today's count 
I am reading an amazing amazing amazing 
ya know I just realized I say amazing WAY too much 
any whoozle 
and through Amazon you can buy it used even!! 
give. me. a break!!!!! soooooooooo worth it 
I will end this Ginormous post with 
my thought for today from Joyce Meyer's book 

tootles bloggity crew 
have an AMAZING day 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Healthy mind and body day 2

Mindset and energy

so weird that these are words we throw around with a laze zea fair mention 

Mindset have you REALLY thought about it? 

Energy have you wondered how gratitude plays into these? 
day 2 of Healthy mind and body 

gave me a lot to think about 
reminds me how much gratitude factors into my life and the importance of my mindset 

weird how 36 hours ago I was in such a negative mindset 
Mama bear here loves her some Isagenix!!! 
sounds like a slice of Heaven 

I need all the positiveness  I can get in my life
is that a word? positiveness? positive-ity?

have a great, amazing, gratitude filled day 

Friday, June 24, 2016

at a cross roads

I have struggled before 
and have been thinking ....
maybe I made a mistake 
this isn't for me 
throwing in the towel 
admitting defeat 
but ... but ... but 
I am surrounded by amazing people
I see them on social media 
I see them in the gym 
I am the poster child for social media stalker 
because I am looking to see your secret? what is the magic answer to your motivation? your success? your drive? what are the answers.. what are the questions? maybe that's it... I am asking the wrong questions and getting the wrong answers... why is it so easy for you and not me... 

ya know what
we all struggle is what I have figured out 
all. of. us. 
there are no magic answers 
no pixie dust 
I did one MAJOR thing last week 
something I was scared ... terrified to do
no one helped me 
I did it 
put on my big girls pants and manned up 
so this morning I did it again
again I reiterate 
I have STRUGGLED the last 2 weeks 
like 8 pounds struggled 
so this morning would be the morning for quitting 
but I manned up and did something for myself 

I did my first session this morning 
and already wow!!! 
totally worth it!! 
cost me $40
and at the end of the 60 days I get a coupon for $40 in product 
so it is free 
and it takes 66 days to create a new habit 
something I picked up from one of those folks I stalk 
dang this girl is some kind of coo coo 
okay enough
I have to go do my responsibility duty 
work today 
have an awesome day!!! 

Friday, June 17, 2016


Ate 80-90 percent good 😆😆
Got a walk in ... But when the day was all done we over 13 miles total 
We walked A LOT!!! 
Ahh to be 35 again 
We made it onto the Petco park screen 
Padres game SO FUN 
Today will be a pool and chill day 




Wednesday, June 15, 2016

San Diego vacation

Gym this morning 4:45 to 6:15 
Walked an additional 5 miles in San Diego 
Train ride food 
I love My Fit Foods so easy 
I didn't eat the tortillas 
Grilled fish tacos and vegetables instead of chips 
Too bad calories count even if it's meh 

Tootles till tomorrow 




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