Sunday, June 5, 2016

136 vs 155 also old and new

yesterday I tried a whey day 
yesterday I was 157 this morning 155.8

I found this on one of the Isagenix Face book days 
kinda sorta followed it 
still had my coffee 
kinda a fail.... 
I stopped on the way home and got my Sugar free 
frozen yogurt 
150 calories 
I AM NOT the poster child for
that's someone else's gig  
this morning I was 155.8
down from 181 in Hawaii 
this was from Hawaii  
 and this is my goal weight 
and this morning 
at 155.8
maybe some baby abs under the fluff?  
it's a journey folks 
the pink pants picture in 2013
I am almost 20 pounds heavier than this mornings picture 
gots me some work to do 
this here Isagenix gig is working for me 
today 1500-1600 calories 
family time 
car wash 
just day off stuff 

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