Friday, June 24, 2016

at a cross roads

I have struggled before 
and have been thinking ....
maybe I made a mistake 
this isn't for me 
throwing in the towel 
admitting defeat 
but ... but ... but 
I am surrounded by amazing people
I see them on social media 
I see them in the gym 
I am the poster child for social media stalker 
because I am looking to see your secret? what is the magic answer to your motivation? your success? your drive? what are the answers.. what are the questions? maybe that's it... I am asking the wrong questions and getting the wrong answers... why is it so easy for you and not me... 

ya know what
we all struggle is what I have figured out 
all. of. us. 
there are no magic answers 
no pixie dust 
I did one MAJOR thing last week 
something I was scared ... terrified to do
no one helped me 
I did it 
put on my big girls pants and manned up 
so this morning I did it again
again I reiterate 
I have STRUGGLED the last 2 weeks 
like 8 pounds struggled 
so this morning would be the morning for quitting 
but I manned up and did something for myself 

I did my first session this morning 
and already wow!!! 
totally worth it!! 
cost me $40
and at the end of the 60 days I get a coupon for $40 in product 
so it is free 
and it takes 66 days to create a new habit 
something I picked up from one of those folks I stalk 
dang this girl is some kind of coo coo 
okay enough
I have to go do my responsibility duty 
work today 
have an awesome day!!! 

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