Monday, June 27, 2016

Day after the mega cleanse

HUGE breakfast .75 C of oatmeal dry measure, 1 whole egg 
5 egg whites 
after a mega cleanse I need to re-feed! 
with a Starbucks 
vente drip 
5 Pumps SF Mocha 
210 calorie Fit Food 
with 50 G of white rice  
mega meal prepping going on  
and more  
and still more 
I didn't like these steamed veggies 
I microwaved the spaghetti squash 
it was 100 degrees here and I 
DID NOT want to turn on the oven! 
Green beans  
18 meals all ready to go! 
I can get up grab them out of the freezer 
and off to work! 
working in a grocery store people think 
you are surrounded by healthy food 
and not tempted 
but that is NOT the case 
Starbucks... Karla want something? 
In and Out .... Karla want something? 
McDonalds.... Karla want something? 
Donut run
ya get my drift 
I go prepared, food all weighed out and measured  
they are all labeled with a letter 
and here are the macros 
so I can do the quick add in My Fitness Pal  
and yummo dinner!!! 
Pork loin and sauted vegetables 
not just yummo 
MEGA yummo!  
I have been a bad girl 
3 days no gym 
I will be there tomorrow when they open!!! 
at 5 AM 
this is THEE best "protein ice cream"
I put it in quotes because 
somehow in my mind this is okay 
as a dessert
hummmm your thoughts?  
my macros were awesome!!! 
I hit the proteins Linda has set for me 
she is my amazing trainer/mentor/coach/friend/sister! 

and calories were good
this morning 156 on the nose 
which is expected ... bounce back from 
the mega drop of the cleanse 
now onto today's plan 
shake day 
err maybe a Karla shake day .... 2 Isalean shakes and food that equals 1235 is today's count 
I am reading an amazing amazing amazing 
ya know I just realized I say amazing WAY too much 
any whoozle 
and through Amazon you can buy it used even!! 
give. me. a break!!!!! soooooooooo worth it 
I will end this Ginormous post with 
my thought for today from Joyce Meyer's book 

tootles bloggity crew 
have an AMAZING day 

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