Friday, June 10, 2016

Good Good

good day today 

you know things are serious when you are getting text messages from your trainer at 3:30AM!!! #dothework 

and the scale was very good to me this morning 

I signed up for the Relay for life event for my company 

Hi there,

I am participating in Relay For Life of Oxnard on 07/16/2016. This is a Food 4 Less Community event and our store is participating as a team. The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the largest cancer-fighting fundraiser in the world. Donations raised help the American Cancer Society continue fighting to free the world from the pain and suffering of cancer.
Every donation helps. Five hundred lives are saved every day due to the progress that we’ve already made against cancer. So please join me by donating to my fundraising efforts.

Visit my fundraising page:

Please, donate now. Thank you!

Karla Moffett
Store Manager #335
 so I am a walking moo foo 

 so off to relax after a crazy day 
wash my face 
and enjoy an episode of Game of Thrones 
Today's food journal 

June 10, 2016

Blue Diamond - Almond Breeze Unsweetend Almond Milk, 0.5 cup151g1g1g0mg75mg0g1g
Nestlé Coffee Mate - Sugar Free French Vanilla Liquid Creamer, 4 tbsp608g4g0g0mg40mg0g0g
Egg - Egg, 1 large (50g)700g5g6g185mg70mg0g0g
Egg Whites - Large, 5 large (33 g)851g1g18g0mg275mg1g0g
Isagenix - Amped, 1 scoop307g0g0g0mg75mg6g0g
Dave's Killer Bread - Thin-sliced 60 Calories 21 Whole Grains and Seeds, 2 slice (28g)12024g2g6g0mg200mg6g6g
Isagenix - Ionix Supreme - Liquid, 4 fl. oz. (30ml)8020g0g0g0mg0mg16g0g
Isagenix - Greens, 1 scoop305g1g1g0mg0mg1g3g
Isagenix - Replenish Juicy Orange, 4 scoops7018g0g0g0mg220mg16g0g
my fit foods - herb roasted chicken breast updated 2016, 1 box18018g5g20g55mg310mg6g4g
Quick Add - Myfitnesspal Premium, 1 serving(s)2500g0g0g0mg0mg0g0g
Isalean Shake - Isalean Shake, 2 scoops24024g6g24g45mg265mg11g8g
Fage Total 0% - Plain Nonfat Yogurt, 6 ounce977g0g17g0mg64mg7g0g
Kirkland - Costco - Strawberries Frozen, 52 g195g0g0g0mg0mg3g1g
Carb D'lite - Frozen Yogurt, 17 oz13638g0g0g0mg234mg0g4g
UP calorie adjustment01
Circuit training, general70275

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