Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Macros

So I have never really paid attention to my macros 
Just tried to reach 140 proteins... Not sure but I may have gotten to 140 ONCE 
So conversations yesterday resulted in targets for My Fitness Pal 

40% protein
30% fat
30% carbs 

I did good!!
And stayed in my calories ... For the most part 
 breakfast (there is toast hidden under those egg whites) 
I added avocado for a healthy fat 

Snack of 1 ounce raw cashews healthy fat 
Egg white omelette with soy chorizo, onions, and jalapeños with tomatoes as a side. 
I try to avoid soy as a general rule but not today ... 
let's avoid the whole soy vs non soy conversation right now 
And lastly dinner was a shake 
Thoughts on the day: more fats actually helped... Not hungry. No binge urges... 
Total day off relaxation. Reading turned into a nap 
4:45 gym this morning and a late day 10-8
late days are not my favorite
153.8 this morning 

Tootles bloggity folks 

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