Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why and Ego

I JUST started reading a new book and immediately realized I made a mistake 
I am "reading" audio style during my commute 
and this is definitely a book I will need to make notes in
When I first started to listen to it ... I was not immediately sparked as he talked
about Generals and sports and politics ... 
then I heard something that sparked my attention

Social media reference and how we put our best selves out there 
and that we don't talk about

I'm scared
I'm struggling
I don't know 
I'm overwhelmed 

Now I am sure if Ryan Holiday were to read this he would be mortified because I didn't properly communicate his message (don't think the odds of that happening are too large) 
and that is kind of the point 

amazing information... I will be going to BUY this book because there is a good message in it and I NEED to hear this!!! 

This got me thinking over the last 24 hours why do I blog? 
I blog because I am scared 
scared of putting myself out there and falling flat on my butt and becoming a point of humor for others .... I am sure this is my EGO ... more why I want to read this book 
but on this blog I can be visibly invisible...  so I can talk about what is on my mind, 
get support from others and kinda, sorta be safely anonymous 
I blog because I am struggling 
What am I supposed to do now with this blog? I have been blogging since December 2009
What are the Health and Fitness answers? I am on track with that BUT again I struggle with confidence to tell people a lot about it 
but I AM getting there with help from A LOT of different places 
and (fake... me pretending to be talking to) Ryan Holiday 
I don't know 
nah that's not true 
I do know 
social media in this format works for me 
I share my experience, strength and hopes and I am honest because 
again I can be visibly invisible 

not all the time
but I do have my days 
today not so much 

bottom line book recommendation!!! 
5 stars!!! 
 tootles blog readers 

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