Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yesterday grubs

good morning 
still the same 
I always cut the creamer 1 to 1 with unsweetened almond milk 
reduces the calories 
water for the day 
the small one for the gum and to try and get in the full gallon 
the two larger ones I make green juice 
a packet of greens divided into both waters 
and 2 scoops of the Replenish 
my boss calls it my jungle juice 
silly man 
small meal 
6 ounces 0% Greek yogurt and 4 small frozen strawberries 
smaller meal so I added 
some avocado 
this is a new meal I am trying 

sooooooo good!!! 
the convenience of this place is amazing!!! 
I did the online order which I will totally do again 
my food all had been fresh delivered the morning I picked it up 
so the shelf life of each meal was over a week! 
oh... how did that sugar free Carb'Delight frozen yogurt get there!
just realized I didn't post my breakfast 
oh well
plus breakfast 
gotta run 

oops and shakes.... 
too rushed this morning 

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