Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ABC repost

Karla's ABC's

  • actions, they really do speak louder than words... blog your heart out, go crazy on Face book or Instagram, but it is your actions that count!! 
  • bites... gotta be careful of those tiny bites...l they add up... usually to tighter pants! 
  • chicken, I usually cook at least 2 packages a week. line the pan with foil, coconut oil so it doesn't stick and my new thing is Amino's (Bragg's or Coconut) pepper, minced onions and sesame seeds 
  • diet soda, I used to buy this six 12-packs at a time!!! I don't touch it now. I am finding the less artificial sweeteners in my diet, the less I crave sweets... OMG could all those articles and research be right?? LOL 
  • E egg's, egg's, egg's.... I buy three 20-packs at a time! and keep 20-40 boiled and another 20-pack raw. With everyone in my household we can go through a dozen a day... that is pretty standard!! 

  • Fish, I am trying to get more in my diet... at least one meal a day 
    • good thought's... I try so hard to keep good thoughts in my head

    • HARD WORK!!! yes this is hard work, but it so worth it!! 
    • Instant Gratification... for so many years I wanted to lose weight.. ahhh... overnight.. blink and I would be thin, thats what I wanted!!! but it takes time. There is no instant gratification in weight loss!! 
    • J jump squats   I look like a total dweeb when I do these... I just make sure I am focused on the mirror in front of me so I don't make eye contact with anyone when I am looking so silly :P 

    • Karla's blog... derp :P 
    • Lifestyle not a diet, I say "in my diet" but I don't mean that as in DIET, I am on a diet, I am NOT, this is my life now, this is me, I eat this way and take my food, and work out and journal my meals daily, and on and on and on.... it's a lifestyle not a diet 
    • Move!!! I have to remember that even a little bit is better than nothing!! when it comes to movement and exercising... even just 20 minutes on the treadmill is better than saying... "ah... tomorrow" NO!!! go get on the dang thing!!! just move your body, do 20 minutes!!! it is always going through my mind. A boxing coach once said to me "a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing" it stuck with me 
    • NO GIVING UP... period!!! ever!! 

    • Orange Roughy, line the pan with foil, one scant teaspoon of olive oil, Mrs Dash, squeeze of lemon and smother in onions and bell peppers, cook to package recommendations 
    • P protein... I am always looking to get 20 grams in per meal 
    • quinoa, love the stuff!!! I make it in the rice cooker, with a splash of olive oil. I always have it done and in a Tupperware in the refrigerator. Add it to any meal really!!! 
    • Respect yourself, I am constantly reminding myself... Karla, you are not a dog... you reward dogs with food... go get a manicure, a new blouse SOMETHING non food related!! 

    • Salmon, I wish I loved to cook this... I just don't ....  boo... Now I can order it pretty much anywhere and I love it!!! When I cook it... ewwww yuck! the problem with ordering it out... we all know... is what did they add to it to make it so yummo??? 
    •  Tracking... I HAVE to track my food some how! 
    • unbelievable .. that I could do this!! that I haven't given up, that I won't give up./.. who am I??? pretty freakin awesome is who!! 
    • Visual ... I couldn't truthfully see myself as a thin person when I was in the process of losing, I would avoid mirrors or camera's for years I did!! ... sometimes I still don't see myself as a thin person. I still feel big on the inside. I think this is what took me so long to finally change is that I didn't have a clear vision of who and where I was in life... I didn't "see" myself .. couldn't or maybe it is I just wouldn't... even now 

    • working out... duh 
    • eXtra  going that extra mile, staying up that extra hour to cook, getting up that extra hour to work out... (and yes I try to always get 8 hours sleep) try is what I strive for.. I probably truthfully average 7... no bad for the work week. I make up for that on my days off... sometimes I sleep 12 hours on my days off.... how did I get on sleep.... OMG my distracted mind going zing zing again 
    • Y yogurt... I miss my Greek yogurt, I used to eat it once or twice a day!!! great source of protein, but be careful of the fruity ones... so much added sugar's My favorite is Fage 0% add Truvia, and vanilla, or PB2, fruit, cinnamon .... derrr not all at once!!! LOL... I stopped eating so much dairy this last month, I was all bloated. I can tell a difference in my body with less.. almost NO dairy
    • Zee end 

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    1. I hate cooking fish of any kind. Salmon, REALLY stinks up the house, so I eat it in restaurants too. :(

      "U" is my favorite in the list. I can relate to almost all of them though.


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