Thursday, July 14, 2016

Can we.... you? me?... can we change?

how do we change? 
Can we change? 
what are some steps we can take? I need to take? 
this post will take several parts as I have a lot of thoughts on this!!! 
identifying what's the cost for staying put would be the first factor... 
since this is primarily what I blog about.... yep weight... 
whats the cost of being uncomfortable in my skin?
isolating myself... when I am uncomfortable I hide... from the world 
I feel unworthy to be a participant in life.....
SOOOOO stupid if I must say so 
I know so dumb... but I can't help it 
this is how I feel 
 and I want to be IN my life 
actively a member of life... not watching it go by full of regret 
so lets talk about this... 
this whole topic...  can we change? and how do we change... 
today think about what are your costs? 
what does NOT changing something you WANT to change ..
what is it costing you? 
thought provoking.... huh?! 
more tomorrow 
gotta run get ready for a IN my life day 
go be awesome today! 

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