Friday, July 15, 2016

Change Part II

So to stay where you are and NOT making a change what is it costing you? me? 
I touched a little yesterday about not being IN my life 
but let's have some for REALS conversation: 
what is this weight holding me back from doing? 
hurts my self esteem 
makes me feel weak 
makes me feel like I have no control in my life 
always feel awkward, like I am always the odd man out 
tugging on my too tight clothes 
I always feel like a thief, dishonest ... cause I am always sneaking food.... closet eating 
makes me constantly think about ME and less time to think about others .... makes me narcissistic 
(wow that was a hard one to admit!!!) 
 for FOOD 
are you kidding me? 
nah the overindulging has deeper reasons 
Karla PHD psychiatrist here... 
it's plain ole fear and poor stress management behaviors 
fear... of being successful and YOU... 
yes you right there... yeah you... yep I am talking to YOU
will you think I am a failure 
man I am obsessed with this whole... success/failure label 
get over it! 
so this post took an unexpected weird turn 
what is it costing me? 
I think it's just pretty much boils down to 
peace of mind! 
I just want a little peace of mind in this scatterbrained head space of mine!!! 
yep I feel it is time 
so sick of the negative demeaning inner dialog 
giving it to my higher power ... asking for help 
it's time 
what about you? 

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