Friday, July 22, 2016

everyone is afraid to fail....

change means stepping out of your comfort zone... 
taking risks.. 
risking failure 
but if you don't take a risk you don't grow 
what is the one thing that you (me, I)
could do today that would change things for you (me)??
understanding that each and every action has a reaction ... 
good or bad and this is the lesson 
eat cookies ~~~~ get fat 
so what to do ... what to do???? lay down and throw in the towel... give up??? 
no no no no no 
so there is a place in my life that is freaking TERRIFYING me right now 
like scaring the ba-gee-gees outta me 
but am I running? no... I am leaning in 
pushing up against that which is scaring me... 
why am I afraid? .... why are you afraid? 
is it fear? 
I know mine is.... 
I am afraid of failing but if I never start.... then immediately I am failing 
and that's not going to happen
I may stumble, go slow... slower than others but if I don't push myself I won't ever know 
there is no fail... when you are trying/learning 
then you are on the path and you just stumbled 
maybe hear a No or two? 
go backwards? gain when you wanna lose? 
you just  pick yourself up and keep going towards the goal 
tootle tee doo folks 

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