Saturday, July 16, 2016

More on change

so when you go on a trip what do you do?
 make a plan, reserve the hotel, pack a bag... right 
so when I decided enough was enough 
weight wise 
I joined a gym, bought healthy foods 
joined Facebook groups 
found a trainer 
gotta get the ducks in a line 
no pizza!!! 
bad duck!!!
get your ducks in a row 
there we go...
 back on track 
I listened to podcasts 
bought fitness magazines 
read fitness books 
Googled eating healthy 
heard some good advice 
and a LOT of bad advise 
I went bananas 
I started this blog!!!! 
now 5 plus years later 
I am happy to say 
I am healthier 
yeah baby 
guess this here stuff is working 
see ya tomorrow 
more on change 

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