Sunday, July 10, 2016


Started with no clue as to where this blog post was going to go 
just rambling here this morning 
One of the gal's I stalk ...Tiffany is amazing 
and I say stalk because I don't know that I have ever spoke more than 10 words to her ... ever 
but I listen to her Facebook live posts and I feel like I know her
scary how social media has taken the "social" out of our lives 
weird huh 

any whoosle 
she posted on her Facebook live the other day a talk about motivation and 
how she stays motivated 
so I guess this is where this post is going.... How I stay motivated 
My email is loaded EVERY day with motivation 
Ralph Marston I read every morning 
I am Second is also in my email every morning 
Healthy Mind and Body is also a daily ritual 
this helps me to start my day in a positive mindset 
and I listen Podcast's on my way to work or audio books 
I have a list of Audio books I want to download 
Rich Dad Poor Dad 
The Gifts of Imperfections 
The Leader who had no name 
The Carpenter 
The Big Leap 
The Go Giver 
The Slight Edge 
The Millionaire Mind 
Loading my brain for a positive day 
so Recap of the last 2 days 
successful cleanse
153 this morning 
I want to be 151 or lower for Vegas 
I am soooo excited to have the opportunity
 to be surrounded by motivated, positive minded people.
sometimes I get so stressed and negative in my "normal" life 
I NEED this 
tootles bloggity peeps 

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