Friday, July 1, 2016

Purpose driven vs passionate

So what does the resistance or deception phase look like? 

Deception arrives when your attitude wanes and your effort is challenged. You don't feel as comfortable and ambitious about your new goals. Self-doubt sets in and you come up with a hundred justifications or one really good reason for not moving forward, or even quitting. From this lens it's easy to see all the problems and struggles with your visions. Even the most positive, open-minded, realistic people go through this phase. It may be short and quick for some and take years of struggle for others. This phase of growing is truly what makes life so vast, dynamic, and rewarding. The best thing to do is embrace resistance and celebrate when you first become aware of it. By accepting the resistance, it allows you to learn or gain what you need in order to move closer to transformation. If you are open to change, this phase is where many of the best growth moments occur.

I didn't make June count for my weight loss... I need to face this... make July COUNT!!!! 
I am reflecting so much on the distance between 2 points 

sounds silly but hang with me here for a minute 

I have been hanging my hat on the above picture 
and there have been tooooooo many instances where this has been on my heart this last month 
like too many 
too many times
a lot of times 
a lot
like ALOT
really a lot of times

Karla READ the sign!!! 
Time to commit
Time to get out of the resistance or deception phase 
time to make some change happen 
Time to STOP being passionate about things 
time to realize talking and being passionate about something is not the way to make things happen... no this isn't making change.... 
having PURPOSE and being PURPOSE driven makes changes 
today I will be purpose driven 

time to switch to being passionate about my goals 
to being purpose DRIVEN about my goals 

have a purpose driven day my lovelies 

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