Wednesday, July 20, 2016

stop thinking and start doing

do you have to figure it all out? 
what are ya going to do? when? how? how many fat grams? how many carbs? keto?
 so much figuring out usually means we are not moving... 
we are just planning/figuring/preparing... 
but there is NO FORWARD movement 
are you stuck in the "I gotta figure this out" moment? 
overthinking everything? 
start DOING!!!! move forward.... get out of your own way!! 
.... note to self...."Karla this advise is for you" 
so today... get out of your own way
 and just go out there 
and do what you know needs to get done
without over analyzing the heck out of it! 
be a doer....
go forth and do .... do 

1 comment:

  1. That's exactly how I am feeling this time around! I need to stop making it so complicated for me! I don't need to feel shame not being interested in counting this and that - I know what it means to eat well. Thanks for this reminder.


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