Thursday, July 7, 2016

ups and downs

good days 
bad days 
but I suit up, show up, dust myself off, 
put one foot in front of each other and just keep keeping on 
today is one of those days... I want to dive back into bed... 
pull up the sheets and go back to sleep... 
I am kind of in a bratty I don't want to mode 
suit up, show up, focus on the good 
this year: 181 to 153
this year: size 14 (skin tight) to size 6 pants 
yep!! I wore a size 6 to work yesterday!!! 
this year: surrounding myself with amazing, positive ,caring people 

I am experiencing a joy stealing moment 
okay better now... 
pushing that negativity away 
thank you 
off to get ready for the gym!!! 

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