Monday, July 11, 2016

What to do? What to do?

what to do? what to do? 
Motivation Monday?
or the negative OMG it's Monday? 
this week I am setting myself up for a kick butt week!!! 
Food planned 
Monday and Tuesday meals in refrigerator all weighed and measured 
Wednesday will be out of the freezer .... I have 17 meals all ready prepped
weighed and measured 
from past food prep ... yeah I am that OCD person 
Thursday and Friday Cleansing 
Saturday will be out of the freezer 
Sunday a meal with da hubster 

my food is easy peasy 
* egg whites, egg, a healthy fat and a carb 
* shake 
* shake
* yogurt
* meal 

workout plans for the week 
Monday Cardio and core solo
Tuesday with trainer 
Wednesday with trainer 
Thursday off day 
Friday with trainer 
Saturday boot camp 
Sunday ~~~???

I have loaded a few audio books into my phone for this week 
Going to finish Ego is the Enemy 

being a grocery store manager... team building is an interest of mine ... I am always looking for ways to lead and motivate my team 
Goals this week.... this is a big leap for me.... putting my goals out there for you all faceless folks to read ...... here goes nothing... 
I was challenged last week to "give a compliment to a person ... then ask them a question" 
to 10 people a day.... 
sounds easy huh? oh man oh man I did terrible!!!! 
so I am going to work on that this week 
have a loverly day bloggity world folks  ... see ya mañana

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