Sunday, July 17, 2016

you are enough! more on change

So we are still talking about change huh? weird how the next topic is to forgive yourself ... no this isn't all mine I found a few lists on Google that spoke to me and
 have kind of mushed them together 
why is it weird that the next topic is to forgive yourself? 

Hi, my name is Karla and have a problem: food binge eater 
 and one of the points are: get over the guilt
many of us feel like deep down like we don't deserve to have what we want 
anyone out there experience self sabotage? 
so in googling some witty little tidbit to put here I found this: 
wow that made me think!!!! 
if someone out there is watching my progress 
I have let YOU down so many times!!!! 
wow I never thought of this in this light!!! 
okay okay keep going on this point of change 
do you feel you are not good enough? 
like your not resourceful enough? 
not bold enough? 
One of the gal's I follow Tiffany Nickroo just talked on Facebook live yesterday about this condition yourself to feel pain everyday... and I thought WHAT??? 
watch this! totally hit home with me 
we hold onto false ideas of who we are 
many of them are wild 
we create ourselves in every moment 
based our own ideas we hold about who we are 
go out there today and embrace change!!! 
I know I am going to forgive myself 
grasp that I AM good enough 
this one so spoke to me 
I always seem to wait.... 
try and figure out the ENTIRE processes before acting on anything 
so more on change tomorrow 
tootles bloggity crew 

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