Monday, September 26, 2016

31 days to go ..... and down over the weekend!

when was the last time I had a weekend off and lost weight?  
a month ago? 
6 months? 
I can't even remember 
but I am focused and the number is starting to move 
today I am back in the gym 
lotsa to do! 
I am sure work will be crazy 
but it'll be nice to be back to the routine
who am I kidding!!!! 
the time away was heaven!! 
but back to the grind 
Preach Peace me bloggity peeps 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

32 days to go

food was good yesterday 
scale showed a loss
I mainly counted calories on MFP 
too much dairy 
that's what's usually left when I need to food shop 

I will make it food wise until Thursday when I will food shop 
working in grocery business I HATE HATE HATE to food shop 

it's weird cause I hate to food shop but I love grocery stores 
weird huh
too many years in the grocery industry 
has warped me into a grocery store nerd 
that's okay as I was just a plain ole nerd before 
tootles bloggity crew 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

33 days..... YIKES!!!

so I just got back from Cincinnati 
so to clarify and not be all smoke and mirrors 
here's the dealeo 
I have until October 26th to get my act together.... drop a few pounds 
I have to be a picture of Health and wellness
yeah I wish...
but I can do better
get rid of this
and stop doing this
and hope to heck this doesn't happen
but for the pictures there will for sure be a lot of this
goal is this
well sorta
but not this
so there is work to do
laser focus!!!
did not start well in Cincinnati over the last few days
maybe next trip I will ask for a scale in my room
obsess much Karla?
gots me some work to do
 tootles bloggity crew

Saturday, September 17, 2016

40 days to go!

need motivation? 
all you need to is to get publicly recognized! 
and that makes ya realize 
so the next 40 days is operation de fluff 
time to stop talking and start walking 
okie dokie
weeeeee here we go!!!! 
gonna be a wild 40 days! 
but as the saying goes 
ya in? 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

here we go... oh wait

do you start? 
and restart? 
and go left? 
in a circle? 
get lost? 
for sure this time
oops... slipped
Have to trust today's the day 
can't give up
just a day in the life
tootles me bloggity crew 

Friday, September 2, 2016

living in the "compare world"

I have been in a scary place for about a week 
the compare world 
this is a really not good place for me 
I am in a very less than place 
only I can change this.... I know 
why do I go here? 
I don't like this place..... 
I seem to get stuck here too often 
today I will not compare myself to others 
today I will look in the mirror and declare
Karla!!! You are the competition 
I have been too focused on you! 
time to focus on me 
lately it's been all about you 

weird you didn't even know huh? 

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