Saturday, September 24, 2016

33 days..... YIKES!!!

so I just got back from Cincinnati 
so to clarify and not be all smoke and mirrors 
here's the dealeo 
I have until October 26th to get my act together.... drop a few pounds 
I have to be a picture of Health and wellness
yeah I wish...
but I can do better
get rid of this
and stop doing this
and hope to heck this doesn't happen
but for the pictures there will for sure be a lot of this
goal is this
well sorta
but not this
so there is work to do
laser focus!!!
did not start well in Cincinnati over the last few days
maybe next trip I will ask for a scale in my room
obsess much Karla?
gots me some work to do
 tootles bloggity crew

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  1. If a scale in your room keeps you from choosing hyperplatable foods that are hormonally driven to obesity and diabetes, then do that. Cheap, free tool along with journaling, planning, packing and eating from your food template. Onward and here's to staying on track.


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