Sunday, October 30, 2016

and toooo many....

yesterday was a LOT of points 

seeing a good number yesterday morning made me overly confident 
started out REALLY making good choices 
but as the day went on turned into a bit of a carb party 
that's okay 
planned the week out 
and for today's bloggity tip: I have actually 2 tips 
okay dork alert 
lets go... #1 
equal parts sugar free creamer and unsweetened almond milk 
reduces calories 
and for my fellow Weight Watcher homies 
reduces points 
save the straight creamer (in the jug) 
for next time 
make another full container 
okay next tip .... 
I make these BOMB tiny muffins 
one point on Weight Watchers 
and just enough with coffee in the morning 
or for my morning commute 
as you can see (date on the recipe) 
I got this recipe YEARS ago 
off the Weight Watcher community boards 
which don't even exist any more 
okay enough outta me this morning 

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I peeked

I am trying to stay off the scale and just trust the process
but after Cincinatti I was curious 
it is a win!!!! 
the number is going down!!! 
A gal I follow on Instagram has a cool weekly meal planner 
so I found it on Pinterest 
I just searched menu planner until I found this one 
NERD alert..... 
I am sooooo excited to sit down and figure this out for the week 
OMG!!! I am pathetic.... but I love this kind of stuff 
I am who I am 
tootles me bloggity crew
chores, laundry, food shopping and day off shenanigans

Friday, October 28, 2016

recapping Health and wellness event

Learned a lot in Cincinnati 
I was reminded again how everyone has a different journey 

Some people do extreme dieting 
Some people do WLS 
Some people do shakes 
Some do extreme exercising 

I have found my niche in moderation 

I am back on Weight Watchers and loving it! Why did I ever leave? My son says I am like the cat with the lazer light that has ADD 

exercise 3-5 days a week and points system, weekly weigh ins and focus on the goal 

Keep the protein high 
Lots of water 
And patience 

It goes on quick but comes off slow 

Such is life 

Tootles me bloggity crew 

✌๐Ÿผ️ love ❤️ peace 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

hello Cincinnati!!!

Wellness champion! Wow I think this is the best trip to Cincinnati yet I am so lucky to be part of this group of amazing people! 
We had a healthy luncheon and this morning we worked out
Cincinnati has a great ball stadium
So far so good totally on track with my points I am loving the flexibility of weight watchers! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ killing it boo yah 
Such a beautiful city! 
Tootles me bloggity crew ๐Ÿ˜Š





Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Very Happy

so one full week on Weight Watchers 
down 5 pounds! 
way way back in 2010 when I started Weight Watchers week 1 was 8 pounds 
but I don't have as much to lose 
and truthfully these first 5 should be the easiest! 
there was a lot of water and stress weight there 
I will TAKE it! 
and I wore my fit bit and killed the activity! 
oh yeah!!  
so another trip to Cincinnati 
airplane food is packed 
and I have 10 points left for dinner 
I am LOVING the new Weight Watchers plan 
I can EAT and still lose weight 
yeah baby! 
tootles me bloggity crew!!! 

Monday, October 24, 2016


I am a grocery store manager as you may or may not know 
I mean I sell canned corn and lettuce 
I have seen some crazy crazy stuff 
but that's not what this post is about
I love when people think (and tell me!!!) I have a cush job 
office work 
just manage 
no working 
this is yesterday .... cardio and work 
now MOST of this was work 
crazy huh? 
grocery store manager is crazy!! 
I signed up for that office, drinking coffee job 
but that's not what it is 
always something to be done 
yesterday.... filling the milk box, pushing carts, cashiering, walking my store 
which is freaking gi normous!! 
I am a lucky gal 
I keep reminding myself 
those activity points are racking up for this week 
or whatever the heck Weight Watchers is calling them these days! 
should be a good weigh in Wednesday 
but another trip to Cincinnati this week 
two more to go 
well tootles me lovelies

Sunday, October 23, 2016

so far so good

staying in my points 
doing my cardio 
drinking my water 
egg white omelette with onions and mushrooms 
grilled tomatoes and one slice of plain wheat toast  
and dinner was pork tenderloin 
green beans and riced cauliflower 

no binges so far 
but keeping an eye out 
just got off the treadmill 
see yall maรฑana 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

where has everyone gone?

I think I am definitely a dinosaur
 a dying breed 
bloggers seem to be dropping out of sight 
I mean ... I get it with so many different social media platforms 
but I like yee ole blogger 
I am still hanging 
yik yaking about this weight loss thang 
it's an up and down ride 
I used to think there was such a thing as "done" 
in weight loss/maintenance 
have a good day bloggity peeps 

Friday, October 21, 2016

it's on like Donkey Kong!

what a silly title 
couldn't resist 
any whoosle 
egg white burrito 
I made those 1 point muffins 
Fiber one cereal and low fat Krust blueberry box mix 
I used to eat them all the time 
and they are still yummo
I saw this on Instagram 
I have to google it tonight 

this was yesterday 
I ate LITERALLY every 2 hours 
loved it! 
I also did some cardio yesterday morning 
shocked the ole sad neglected treadmill still works! 
and I dusted off my fitbit and connected it this morning 
I have an accountability buddy 
so I want to report it as a win week! 
Used I think one or two weekly points 
I started in on some chex mix last night 
I stopped
went to the garbage and tossed it in the bin at the side of the house 
outta here! 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

home again home again giggle gig

damage wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! 
I didn't step onto the scale and burst into tears! 
so keep on keeping on 
Looking super duper forward to getting back to the gym 
and my food 
and routine 
I did learn I am NOT a very good social animal 
like REALLY not 
home for 12 days then travel again but this time only for 2 nights 
2017 goals..... no work travel! 

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