Sunday, October 30, 2016

and toooo many....

yesterday was a LOT of points 

seeing a good number yesterday morning made me overly confident 
started out REALLY making good choices 
but as the day went on turned into a bit of a carb party 
that's okay 
planned the week out 
and for today's bloggity tip: I have actually 2 tips 
okay dork alert 
lets go... #1 
equal parts sugar free creamer and unsweetened almond milk 
reduces calories 
and for my fellow Weight Watcher homies 
reduces points 
save the straight creamer (in the jug) 
for next time 
make another full container 
okay next tip .... 
I make these BOMB tiny muffins 
one point on Weight Watchers 
and just enough with coffee in the morning 
or for my morning commute 
as you can see (date on the recipe) 
I got this recipe YEARS ago 
off the Weight Watcher community boards 
which don't even exist any more 
okay enough outta me this morning 

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