Monday, October 10, 2016

day 1 of 5

Did great yesterday packed all my food for the traveling. Left my house at 6 AM and did not land at the hotel in Cincinnati till almost 8pm so it was a long day. I was prepared I had packed all my food so I didn't have to buy anything but water

I brought some snacks and I will hit the local Walgreens and try to find some yogurt and maybe some carrots or something some of the lunch choices are not very diet conscious but I will make it work

Hotel cardio done, meh 
I never push myself as hard 
Times like this remind me of why I train with a trainer and with other people they push me

Very grateful and blessed to be here it's going to be an amazing week 

I just need to stay positive and not be so homesick 

OK here we go

Tootles me bloggity peeps 


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