Monday, October 24, 2016


I am a grocery store manager as you may or may not know 
I mean I sell canned corn and lettuce 
I have seen some crazy crazy stuff 
but that's not what this post is about
I love when people think (and tell me!!!) I have a cush job 
office work 
just manage 
no working 
this is yesterday .... cardio and work 
now MOST of this was work 
crazy huh? 
grocery store manager is crazy!! 
I signed up for that office, drinking coffee job 
but that's not what it is 
always something to be done 
yesterday.... filling the milk box, pushing carts, cashiering, walking my store 
which is freaking gi normous!! 
I am a lucky gal 
I keep reminding myself 
those activity points are racking up for this week 
or whatever the heck Weight Watchers is calling them these days! 
should be a good weigh in Wednesday 
but another trip to Cincinnati this week 
two more to go 
well tootles me lovelies

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