Friday, October 21, 2016

it's on like Donkey Kong!

what a silly title 
couldn't resist 
any whoosle 
egg white burrito 
I made those 1 point muffins 
Fiber one cereal and low fat Krust blueberry box mix 
I used to eat them all the time 
and they are still yummo
I saw this on Instagram 
I have to google it tonight 

this was yesterday 
I ate LITERALLY every 2 hours 
loved it! 
I also did some cardio yesterday morning 
shocked the ole sad neglected treadmill still works! 
and I dusted off my fitbit and connected it this morning 
I have an accountability buddy 
so I want to report it as a win week! 
Used I think one or two weekly points 
I started in on some chex mix last night 
I stopped
went to the garbage and tossed it in the bin at the side of the house 
outta here! 

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