Sunday, October 9, 2016

off to Cinncy

I am leaving again 
for another week ~~~ home a week ~~~ then off again ~~~ home a week ~~~ then off again 
dang!!! I just sell canned food!!! 
for a grocery store manager all this traveling is crazy
got my food all packed for today... even have some food in my suitcase, and a plan in place 
I have decided slow is okay ... slow is at least moving and going in the right direction... so I am cool with it .... I lost 2.2 (that's 2 POINT 2~~~~ not 22) last week (from a horrible high) but I am all done restricting.... my binge behaviors get worse the harder I restrict myself... so I may not be the perfectly "clean" eater... may not be the perfect "fitness eater" and yes I am eating some processed food... cause I LIKE them!!! whatever if it works for me ... I am good with it
no binge since I switched my eating plan 
next post from Cincinnati 
off to get ready for a long day of travel

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