Sunday, November 13, 2016

Done, finished, complete!

my work travel is done 
finished! complete! over! 
now it's time for get back into my routine
eating right and working out! 
got on the scale this morning 164.6 and actually I was ready for it to be more 
so I am a smidge encouraged ... 
I didn't do as much damage as I thought 
so I dusted off yee ole protein... and back to counting calories based around 
good lean proteins... ie.. turkey, egg whites, chicken 
vegetables... I will prep some cooked veggies today 
with the occasional treat ... Quest bar or a SF frozen yogurt 
work out minimum 3 times a week ....that's all set up 
yeah right like my abs could ever look that good 
but I have to work with what I have and do the best I can 
Thanksgiving isn't going to be a problem this year 
given the dynamic of the family plans 
so enough outta me this morning 
bye bye 

1 comment:

  1. I am with ya. Gotta get back on track with eating. Lean protein and veggies.


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