Sunday, November 6, 2016

Lessons learned

yesterday I had a huge disappointment
like the kind you are so mad/sad/disappointed that you want to 
scream, punch, kick, cry 
so this morning I am reflecting.... 
where is the lesson? 
makes me reflect when I have been at the inflicting end of this
makes me reflect on the damage I have done over the years 
makes me reflect how you have to love people for who they are and let them get through their own issues ..... People don't and can't get help if they don't want to 
Gives me the strength to reach out that hand and help someone that is down, struggling, having a hard time... because I have been there and sometimes "I am fine" is the silent scream for help 
God works in amazing ways 
teaching me things all the time 
I just have to open my heart, ears, and eyes and recognize the lesson 
back to your regularly scheduled programing tomorrow 

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  1. Now those are words of a wise woman. Although I'm not blogging about my weight specifically anymore, I'm doing really well in that regard. I'm back to exercising every other day and eating in control. I'm so grateful you're hanging in there!


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