Tuesday, November 15, 2016

so much better!!!

worked out yesterday! 
ate on plan yesterday! 
drank (most) of my water yesterday! 
took NOTHING to sleep ... I have been using ZzzQuil lately... yeah I know I know ... not good 
I woke up this morning feeling lighter, less puffy 
I didn't weigh yesterday.. like what would have been the point... I know it was HIGH!!! 
I didn't weigh this morning... like what!? Am I going to lose 15 pounds overnight? ah no 
My hands aren't stiff
My ring isn't tight 
Boom shaka lakka 

I even signed up for my fellow bloggers 4 week speaker series... I haven't before due to Wednesday's being a work day but when I saw the calls were recorded ... well I signed up! Come on people!!! Sean has had AMAZING success and hey I can use all the help I can get 
tootles me bloggity folks 

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