Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanks.... giving

I follow Jonny Straws on Instagram
and he has some MAJOR health issues
he posted about Giving on Thanksgiving and it got me to thinking
I don't do a lot of giving... I do a lot of the Thanks but not so much giving
I have always thought of Thanksgiving as Giving-Thanks

I know this is getting tedious but hang with me here

I am always reminded EVERY day here in Los Angeles when I go to the gym .... there are at least 10 RV's I pass every morning ... people that are living in them and I am Thankful for my warm home

I am thankful for my health ... SOOOO Thankful for my health!! especially reading Jonny Straws and his fight with cancer... reminds me I have little to nothing to whine about

I need to do more of the Giving... this is where I fall short

How about you?

today is about family and food
our family Thanksgiving is today
tootles me bloggity crew

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