Saturday, November 5, 2016

trying to figure out this no sugar thing

maybe I over think things... 
yah think 
but I read a few VERY successful bloggers 
always blog about staying away from sugar 
sugar can spin me out into a full blown binge 
now I always say I binge but maybe I don't 
after listening to someones Youtube the other day 
maybe my "binge" is another person's normal 
don't know 
but I think I am onto something here 
reduce the sugar... 
helps to control the food cravings... 
carbs are sugar but not sure I am ready to go all crazy 
on the whole no carb movement 
I like my vegetables 
yesterday I had like 25 grams of sugar  
I track ...not consistently though on My Fitness Pal
yeah I know ~~~ hater, perfect, know it all person ~~~
you have to be consistent
but I struggle with this 

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  1. Yeah, that was a tough lesson for me to learn. A shrink told me in 2002- that I had a sugar and grain allergy. I didn't believe her, so I almost ate myself to death.

    Sigh! Along with sugars (** I can have 85% chocolate 1-2 squares a day with good results), grains and emulsifiers like Xantham gum and guar gums are just as bad, if not worse. It took forever to figure it out, but normal hunger signals are worth it. Not getting the type 2 diabetes that l'm genetically coded for is so worth it.

    Onward and find and eliminate your triggers. Shrink said "you and your whole family will change for the better when you stop using". She was right. Food addiction takes up a hideous amount of brain space and time away from my family. Not going back there, not worth it.

    Plus 85% chocolate is pretty good. LOL ;) Everyone has different triggers. We need more folks that talk about abstaining from sugar. Most are anonymous, so they can't talk about it, but I'm not, so I do talk about it.

    Best wishes.


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