Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday before Thanksgiving

I have been 100% on track for ... what?
wow 5 days!!! 
may not be a big deal to some ... but for me HECK YEAH!!! this is major! 
I have been listening to my book on the way to work, Women, Food and God 
Those My Fit Foods help so much and my 2 daily shakes... 
no thinking = weight loss 

last night was kind of a first ... follow me here... sorry if I get long winded  but I took out a meal and added a bar.... just trying to make my meals last and I had/have 5 Quest bars so thought by taking out a My Fit Food meal and swapping it for a bar ... 
The meals would last longer 

so any whoosel in doing the My Fitness Pal I noticed my calories last night were kind of low and so I stopped on my way home and got a Sugar Free frozen yougurt 

and I threw half of it away!! 
okay let me say that again 

I threw half of it away ... tasted awful ... what is happening to me!!!??? 
SF low car d'lite frozen yogurt has always been my treat food 
and now I am over it 
today I will TRY to get pictures of everything ... 
sometimes taking pictures of my food is hard to remember 

Thanksgiving week ... what am I thankful for today? 

I am thankful for the ability to make a decision and turn things around 
Today I am deciding to make today a good day, not to run away from responsibilities and hide in a food coma, go to work and KNOW it'll be busy and be okay with the Chaos. 

see yah tomorrow.... less of me that is 

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  1. Keep up the good work. I'm excited to come back to visit your blog and see 10 days in a row. Food templates for the WIN.

    I've also found that after many years, I probably needed to eat less than MFP says. Probably those 40 years of obesity, or menopause, or my desk job assignment.

    I'm cheering for you!!! :) Karen P


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