Sunday, November 20, 2016


no workout... humm need to get better at this.

When I train ... totally kill it but  ... then there's the super slug side
There is an Orange Theory opening close to me, when they open a new location they usually offer cool grand open deals and group exercise is what I enjoy... Just like it better exercising with a group of folks

Water was good yesterday. This usually isn't an issue for me
usually drink 3 liters every day.
Finally found that Spritzer water posted all over social media
found it at Costco and man. Hope it's good! 12 packs were $14 each!! humm somehow there were two 12 packs when the Costco run was over.... hahahah

don't quite know what my issue is... Tend to overbuy when I like something ... then get sick of it... give it away or throw it away

then a few weeks later remember how awesome it was and buy it again... such a waster of money

pants, food, shirts, toothbrushes, shampoo

so yesterday food was on point... had 4 whites and oats for breakfast and had 2 shakes and a My Fit Foods 
then dinner to my daughters 
we met my future son in laws family and it went nice!!! Man oh man can my daughter cook!!! 
roast chicken, roasted vegetables and scallop potatoes I did good but no picture... that would have been a little awkward... I had a serving of chicken, 2 servings of the roasted vegetables a 2 slices of the scalloped potato and her dessert was baked apples, raisins and pecans over ice cream... I skipped the ice cream but I was  happy with my food choices... 

I TOTALLY had a moment prior to going over to their house 
for dinner a total "I want to shovel everything in my mouth" moment 
but I stopped and thought about it 
stress, anxiety, fear, feelings of overwhelming awkwardness 

slow down 

food will not fix your FEELINGS 

so today's food is packed 
I work the next 6 days 
Thanksgiving in the Grocery store 
wack a doodle busy!!! 


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