Sunday, December 11, 2016

full week

well it's been a full week back in the gym
I decided 2 months ago that I didn't need to work out
yeah well that plan soooo did not work,,, ah the lazy do nothing plan 
my strength faded FAST!! really surprised me
When I gained almost 10 pounds well ENOUGH!!!!!
so this week down 5 of the 10 pounds
also started a Speaker series  talking about sugar addiction
 so yesterday 
the focus was to pay attention to my sugar 
and it went okay/good 
I struggled after dinner wanting .... just something 
 cut up a Quest bar into 24 tiny pieces and snacked on those 
figured better 180 calories then let myself go binge crazy 
as I stared at 2 bags of chips from our grocery trip 
by the way this picture was just NOW still sealed. 
did not even open the bags!!!! 
ah win!!! 
this is the hubster's food 
well today will be some prepping meals and enjoy my day off 
tootles me bloggity crew 

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