Friday, December 23, 2016

Good Morning?

if it's 1:45 AM do I say Good Morning?
or is it still night?
my mind was spinning and got me up .... went kind of like this
a gift card to buy, a card to write, a buffet to bring something to and I have no plan!!! My knees hurt? do they or do they feel better? do I weigh in the morning or no? Services are tonight. Will the floors look better? How do I get the gift card and make it to service? egg white frittata.... will anyone eat it? when will I have time to food shop? Why did he want the ham? Did I make the right decision to try it again? Why can't I sleep? Instagram? Is Izzy whining? does she need to go out? I should sleep ......
well 2 hours later, laundry done, lunch bag packed, food tracked, beds made
 and I am ready to go back to sleep 
oh well 
work to do today!!! 
gym then work... 
today will be a caffeinated day for sure!!! 

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