Wednesday, December 21, 2016

how did this all start?

looking back at my blog

2010 ... started at 199.6 ended at 139.6

this was the epic year!!! I lost freakin 60 pounds on my own, used Weight Watchers the old calories/fat and fiber method and walked on my treadmill daily only 20 minutes but I was a ROCK STAR!!!!!

2011... 139.6 ended 139.6 this was a year about learning to maintain and I started training with a trainer and switched more to "clean" eating

2012 ended at 139.4 this marked 2 full years of maintaining my weight loss I discovered I loved lifting weights and being in the gym

2013 ended at 142... weight started to go up, nothing earth shattering but I remember being devastated I didn't end 2013 under 140

2014 is where everything went to heck... I tried Low Carb and binging started to become a problem. rejoined Weight Watchers like 10 times gained another 16 pounds in 2014

2015 ...158 more Weight Watcher fails tried Whole 30 and low carb and Weight Watchers trying trying trying to get back my mojo

2016 ...174.4 tried a shake system, worked for a while.... I got down to 152 and I loved the community but ..................well let's just leave that whole thing alone

2017 ... I will be starting at 163 I am pretty sure

what do I do what do I do?

  • Old Weight Watchers worked for me but once you start eating clean... it's hard to rationalize being able to eat boxed processed foods and lose weight..... but it did work.... not quick but it did work for me maybe this is why I have joined Weight Watchers like 10-15 times over the last 5 years.... but funny in 2010 I never joined... just did the old system and it worked for me 
  • Whole 30... like how I feel on this but it is hard to stay true to this, VERY restrictive 
  • Low carb... I can never get through the keto flu... I ALWAYS felt like crap 
  • Shake system ... 
so what should be my plan of attack for 2017? 

I know I am going to keep training as I love this .... my knees have been bothering me so todays workout was kind of meh ..... I think tomorrow morning I will just pop some Aleve and push myself I hate leaving the gym feeling meh 

another weird post.... just thinking about everything 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your 2017 plans! Onward. Merry Christmas!


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