Monday, December 19, 2016

Morning musings during the holidays

so tales from the scale.... 
4 days on Whole 30 (ish) and down 
get ready for this ..... 
 like where is that mega loss? 
the 5 pound's gone loss? 
what the heck??!!   
so instantly I think 
I am going back to bars, shakes and 
thinking thinking thinking 

there has not been a binge in at LEAST a week 
I came home last night and the hubster had baked freaking cookies!!! 
I just looked at them, and no freak out. 
no "I have to scarf on cookies" feeling 
so this morning I packed my feeder bag lunch bag 
and I will keep going on this 

if I can eat and not freak out 
and go sugar crazy then 
this is working! 
if this can be freedom from food binging!
What a gift this would be 
(okay I am stretching to make this Christmasy) 
going to be a busy week 
so I am sticking to this 
ant slow pace ..... 
tootles bloggity friends 

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