Saturday, December 24, 2016


thinking about 2016......
how did I do with my goals? 
not so good 
I did the usual start... stop Karla thing 
so frustrating... why do I do this? 
I know why... and I think I have the answer BUT too soon to talk about that now 
discovered in 2016 that I have some SEVERE social anxieties 
I DO NOT do well in groups 
totally feel awkward, out of place and have crazy anxiety
That's okay... I can deal with that I am okay with people I know... kinda/sorta 
 I tried to deal with feeling/anxieties by turning to food 
result: I ate too much 
yeah how silly is that! 
had some momentum going earlier in the year but 
I got overwhelmed things fell apart 
I am in the process of trying to rebuild 
some things I am discovering cannot be rebuilt 
once things are different 
that's how they are 
but I am looking forward to 2017 
I think I may have figured out the 
or my 
combo that works 
keeping things quiet for now 
I want some progress under my belt before I am shouting from the hilltops 

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