Tuesday, December 13, 2016

small tweek

so yesterday I followed my plan 
kinda sorta almost 
instead of the apple and almond butter last night 
I stopped for a frozen yogurt 
then I freaked out 
inner dialog kinda went like this..... 
"OMG you blew it now"
"slave to those artificial sweeteners" 
"now you are going to freak out" 
"your going to plow through the cupboards" 
"eating your way through the kitchen" 
"loser, failure!!" 
and on and on and on 
so I got home
changed into my PJ's 
and got in bed and watched TV with the hubster 
cause I won't binge in front of him 
he know's like duh 
only 2 people live in this house 
so if he didn't eat it... I did 
but dang girl chillax
calm the heck down 
you did good
exercised, drank your water, stayed in your calorie budget 
I have NOTHING (knowingly) in my house with artificial sweeteners 
been eating REAL food 
you got this girl 

phew close one there 

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  1. I'm also trying to reduce my intake of diet drinks. Main culprit in my life is Diet Soda. We will get there though.


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