Monday, May 29, 2017

last 3 weeks recap ...

I have been tracking my weight and calories and workouts for the last few weeks now 
week 1
beginning weight 163.8 
ending weight 161.4
weekly average weight 162
average calories 1668
worked out 5 time 

week 2
beginning weight 161.4
ending weight 159.8
weekly average weight 160.4
average calories 1696
worked out 5 time 

week 3
beginning weight 159.8 
ending weight 160.6
weekly average weight 159.2
average calories 1917
worked out 6 times 

last week was a week that will hit my memory banks for a few reasons... 
and not good reasons 
but the fact that it was such a personally awful week and 
I DID NOT binge is HUGE for me 
so I have this week planned fitness wise
looking at the above numbers I have to pull back the calories some 
this morning a hike with the hubster 
then I will be doing some cooking 

egg white fritada
SF jello's
baked vegetables 

the above 3 weeks looks slow but I am good with it 

if you JUST look at the averages I am losing 

and this isn't a quick fix 
those just don't work for me 
not just a month long goal 
this is life 
a lifestyle 
I got this 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

not weight or fitness related

2 days off 
oh my baggebees 
I need this 
work ...............

why couldn't I have been born with a silver spoon in my mouth? 
born into a life of wealth? 

what's with this working for a living junk? 
hey now girl get a grip 
chill out 
ain't so bad 
.... really?.....
back to the original statement 
yeah!!! 2 days off!!! 
onward and downward 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Thank you Grace and Frankie

psst hey yo I got something for you...
lose 15 pounds in a week!!! 
go from a size 22 to a 4!!! 
in a week!!! 
what? no...... that won't work? 
awe dang 
you mean I have to be patient?
deal with things going slow 
hey.... about that quick fix....  
no... I like to eat 
so you mean I have to track my food? count macros and calories? 
even.... gulp worklout!!!??
oh all right  
if I have to  
and there will be weight fluctuations even?? 
how is that even FAIR???!!!  
you mean I have to learn to work through all this 
oh..... all right.... 
you mean I can ACTUALLY like what I am eating? 
and enjoy this proccess? 
even make this a ..... gulp.... lifestyle? 
okay... I am in!!!  
keep going? 
no magic prize at the end of the rainbow?  
just a sense of well being? 
feeling good about myself? 
and feeling good in my skin?  
okay let's do this peeps!!!! 

Friday, May 26, 2017

REALLY? ah no!

I use all kinda of gizmos
My Fitness Pal

Itrack Bites

and according to all these I should have lost mega pounds by now!
and burned TONS of calories
I have even walked longer than the walk!!
This morning for example
I dusted off yee old treadmill just to get in something
an old trainer once told me
a little bit of saomething is better than a whole lot of nothing
so I look at my Fitbit after

I DID NOT walk for an hour 
true I wear my fitbit on my ankle, but it itches on my wrist 
and it's not attractive 
so I am always reminding myself 
these little gizmos ARE NOT accurate 
oh well 
to steal Anne's line 
onward and downward 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

sleep and rest

How many hours do you get a night? 
6? 8? 10? 
My USUAL is 8
night before last it was only 3 
I am off in so many way's when I am not rested 
I feel a mild sick upset indigestion feeling 
low grade headach, I am Mama cranky pants 
so I am protective of my rest 
If I am "lights out" at 7PM, which I need to get in my 8 hours 
well then so be it 
I could Google a million reasons why sleep is so important 
won't bore you with all that 
I just KNOW how important it is for me 
so I am feeling refreshed and ready for the day today 
wonders what a good night sleep can do for you
tootles bloggity folks 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

not every day is a good day

I have had an upsetting few days
my mind is in a turmoil 
stress is pushing in on me and I am having a hard time 
My reaction to stress has always been to overeat 
I only slept a few hours last night 
another reaction to stress 
very hard to quiet my mind 
but today I journaled and I am recognizing my weight loss may stall 
not as a result of overeating... I have a plan and I am sticking to it 
but this is my bodies reaction to stress and lack of sleep 
to hold onto the weight 
like it is saying nah nah nah 
I am in control Karla!!! not you!!! 
but this is okay for now 
relax.... get through these next few days 
ride out the storm 
relax and give it to God 
I can't make everyone happy
I have to accept this 
and let go of certain things 
heavy post today 
not the usual happy go lucky motivational, inspirational jargon 
not every day is like that 
sorry dudes and dudetts 
but tomorrow... no today!!!!  is a new day 
I am going to make today a good day 
let it go 

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