Thursday, November 16, 2017


I have to share with all you!!!! 
I am feeling so AMAZING!!! 
no binge, no being off track for going on 11 days!!! 
feels so empowering! 
wow thats a lot of exclamation points!!!
3 meals, 2 shakes 
and I have spaced my food out 
making my last meal LITERALLY as I am walking out of work 
with like half a liter of water 
this way I am NOT even a little hungry when I get home 
and I have been doing good on my work outs 
I DO NOT want to start 2018 
with a "fresh start" mentality 
I want 2018 to be a "keep going" year 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Checking in here

Good morning blog world 
3:50 AM here in dark cold California 
the world is asleep and here I sit blogging
slept WONDERFUL.... but via a pill 
not good 
One of today's to do's is to buy some melatonin 
try and get off the PM habit 

food has been spot on ✔
work outs have been good ✔
I missed yesterday.... trying to get OFF the PM habit 
only resulted in 2 bad nights of sleep 
so I could not face the gym yesterday 
but today yeppers 

yesterday the hubster wanted cake 😳
which is usually the beginning of a crash 
but I got him the cake 
he is an adult, I love the man 
he makes his choices I make mine 

so I got him cake 
did I even have a bite? NOPE!!! 
he ate it all
I went to bed 
now this sounds so STUPID, right? 
why would I even mention this 
but I am married to a food pusher 
love love love him 
but he is 
a food pusher
but yesterday was a no go darlin 
today is a good day 
I have a lot to be grateful for 
today is gym, church, a meeting, some shopping, and relaxing 

tootles bloggity peeps 
thank you for reading 
I am loving my Project Runway GIF's 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Good Morning Blog world

I am going through a bloggers block 
I want to change this a bit but I am so attached 
I have always thought when bloggers ramble on and on and on and on 
I want to poke my eye out... 
like get to the point already! 
so I have always made my blogs short 
top line kinda thing 
but lately... 
a lot on my mind 
so I may turn into one of those 
have the stick ready! to poke your eyes out 
from my rambling, and on and on and on thoughts 
yesterday was a good day 
stayed on plan 
worked out 
I am sitting here blogging at 4:20 AM cause 
this time change is a bummer 
takes me a while to adjust 
today is cardio day but it's too weird to show up 
at the gym at 4 ish AM 
so I am blogging acting like I am sleeping 
but only you know I am the weirdo that woke up at 2:50 AM 
food is packed 
I have journaled, read and had some morning quiet time 
did my daily Facebook thang 

Grateful for: my family, my 4 legged fur babies 
my Savior, ability to start anew 
my job and an opportunity to be of service to others

Goals today: less gum, get my water in earlier 
space my meals better 

tootles noodles 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dodgers for the WIN... Game 7 is ON!!!

yesterday I stuck to my calorie budget 
my protein was high 
no cravings or inklings for the candy 
I was too into watching the Dodgers WIN to worry about candy 
woot woot  
morning coffee 
meals for the day 
chicken meatballs (bottom) 
ground turkey breast (top) 
each is 4 ounces  
and one is with shredded brussel sprouts 
shredded butternut squash 
the other is with riced cauliflower 
and riced sweep potato  
morning Ionix 
Jack agrees 
Link explains what Ionix is 
so I saw someone bake eggs on social media 
350 degree oven for 20 minutes  
super easy but next time maybe 17 minutes  
they did not peel easy and had weird brown 
burn spots 
I picked off the burned spots though 
and they were fine 
not going to throw away a dozen eggs!!!
because they baked them too long  
morning shake for on the way into work  
evening shake had it RIGHT before I left work 
It was my dinner
for the drive home  
nope, nada, zip, ziltch 
one piece of homemade baklava 
with a cup of coffee  
and the baklava and coffee did NOT spin me into a binge 
164.6 yesterday 
161.4 this morning 
to be expected I am usually 
so 164.6 was the mega candy binge 
1 day down 
6 to go 
I am working out this morning and food 
is already packed 
tootles bloggity peeps 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

okay true gut talking here

I have had a rough year 
things I have learned: spending $$ on something 
BUT not using it won't make you lose weight 
Yeah it took me a year to figure this out 
so this morning I was 164.6
oh so not good 
I woke up with a headache... sugar and candy racing through my system 
another regretful morning 
man this is a drag 
so what's the plan rubber band? 
let's go small because I usually have these GIANT grand schemes 
that fall flat 

just ONE week 
7 days 
of blogging, staying accountable to you the blog community 
pictures and tracking, pictures the whole shabang 

I don't want to end 2017 like this 
so let me give this a go 
one week 
see yall maΓ±ana

Saturday, October 28, 2017

October in the rear view mirror

wow where did this month go?
work changes in my life
and I struggled.... can't lie
had 2 weeks of sadness... and eating
but back at it
life is in session
I need to be a better blogger 
says every blogger at some point
so yesterday I stuck to my plan .... mostly 
 except I did stop and get a frozen yogurt
I was transfered so my daily frozen yogurt habit has been broken
MAYBE I have had one a week for the last 3 weeks
crazy how a different path home and viola!
no frozen yogurt cravings
I was just conditioned after years and years of it
so silly
well off to pack my food for today
tootles my bloggity peeps

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall into fitness month

where did September go? 
flew by 
daughter is all married 
the wedding was beyond beautiful 
I cried more in September than I have all the other months of the year combined! 
I am starting a Fall fitness accountability group tomorrow 
and I just got the email yesterday 

 1. Please send in your before weight, measurements (measurements guide attached), and photos (front/side/back) in a sports top & shorts by MONDAY evening. 

**I know this is hard for many of you, but trust us when we say that this plays an integral role in your success! 
oh dang! I am already balking at #1!!!! 
sheesh Karla get a grip 

I do not want ANYONE ....Hubster included to see me in a sports top and shorts 
ugh, ugh and major ugh 

I think I will be forced to threaten the leader of this group with physical violence 
if it is shown to ANYONE!!! 
Like it could end up on some random social media 
with a tag like #dontletthisbeyou  

how dumb is that???!!! like anyone but me gives a hoot .... right!!! 

ah right? 


I hope I can do this simple FIRST step
the Mister and I can clean up spiffy 

tootles bloggity crew 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

attitude is a weird thing

it's like a switch
either it's on, or off 
can't understand... but right now the switch is flipped 
I walked over 4 miles yesterday... got me in some cardio 
I shouldn't be blogging... I should be on my way to the gym 
but if I end up on my treadmill this morning that's all good 
this is a close up of the egg white fritatta I made 
so yummy 
sauteed mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers 
asparagus and put in 2 cups of frozen hash browns 
and 28g of cheese, an entire large carton of whites
came out to 80 calories per square 
win win  
I have to stop this!!! 
I am always making jokes about it but I seriously 
seriously seriously need a fashion fix 
wearing hubsters shorts and shirt 
sheesh woman 
Thinking of trying Stitch Fix
please please comment if you have tried!!!!! 
I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY dislike clothes shopping! 
like SERIOUSLY!!!  
Tup life 
later taters 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Food Journaling for 4 days in the main

my day in food pictures 
aka food journaling 
I won't be taking pictures every day 
as I eat a lot of the same thing over and over 
coffee time!!! 
tracked it ... notice the tablespoon 
half unsweetened almond milk 
half SF creamer
did the treadmill 
some abs and a few push ups 
got my sweat on! 
a serving of the egg white fritatta I made 
ah yum! 
This I made enough for 4 days 
CRAZY food packed 
and water 
and this was on my drive into work 
can't forget the vitamins! 
I also bought 4 so this will be reoccurring 
also same for the next 4 days 
small serving cottage cheese with pepper 
used it like a dip for 24 small pretzels  
another serving of the egg white fritatta
I didn't have any pico pica so spicy mustard worked as a back up plan  
130 calories of Fage 0% 
with a cup of frozen berries  
spaghetti squash 
4 ounces ground turkey 
and 1/4 cup light Prego Alfredo  
I made 4 servings of this also 
oh this was ???
kind of super sweet 
not sure about this 
and my SF frozen yogurt  
seems like too much? 
nope all tracked and within my budget  
protein a little low but as long as it's over 100
I am happy Sugar was also good  
also double tracked and within the Weight Watcher points 
I have found I feel puffed up proud of the task
 when I do the HUGE meal prep
the one where my freezer has 20-30 meals 
but I am trying not to over think all this 
keep my meals fresher 
and the act of making, planning, buying 
makes me feel like I am on track 
so yesterday was a good day 
a lot of thinking about the future 
I am a happy gal 

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