Saturday, July 22, 2017

and I didn't die

we have all seen this meme 
so yesterday I did the UNTHINKABLE 
low calorie day 
yep I did it 
and I made it through!
so today will be interesting 
I need to keep busy so I don't go off the rails 
158.2 this morning 
gym today and maybe a hike 
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the 140's again 
going to take everything I have 
yesterday I had a BIG reminder I have been 
treading water for over a year now 
let's see if I can do another 1200 day!!! 
I'll report back 

Friday, July 14, 2017

I hurt

sometimes ... ah most times
I think I am like 20
but sadly I am not
so I may push myself too hard
not sure what I did
hands hurt
maybe from improper form of my barbell lifts yesterday???
hips hurt
give me a break I only ran 5 minutes yesterday
cardio was: 5 minutes stairs, 5 minutes bike,
5 minutes walk and ending in 5 minutes run
not loving the aches and pains

so: no gym today
weight is same
159 this morning
as long as I stay out of the dreaded 160's
keep pushing
yep that's all I got
tootles bloggity peeps

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

just trying to stay cool

just quietly doing my thing 
I FINALLY found a gym 
a for reals 24/7 gym!! 
small, clean, not crowded, and the weights are racked 
and pretty reasonable at $50 a month 
I know shocker!!! 
such a place on this planet DOES exist 
today is food prep 
in this heat (106 here in So Cal)
I don't do any oven food 
microwave and stovetop all the way 
but I will make some yummyness 
and get ready for the week  
have a great day yall
and if you are in Southern California 
stay cool 
157.6 this morning 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

enough already!!!

Quick fixes.....DO NOT WORK!!!! 
nope, nada, zip, ziltch 
they aren't out there 
but man oh man will people, emails, 
companies, and the Internet try and sell them to you!!!! 
here is a concept 
eat food, move your body and count calories 
it's simple common sense 
you don't (read I DON'T) 
need a 7 day jump start 
a 28 day fix 
a 30 day program 
this is a lifetime
this is a lifestyle 
this is about loving yourself (myself) for 
where I am and who I am 
and doing what I can 
and it's good enough 
I can get caught up in those around me that 
"oh do this to improve this"
"read this to help with that" 
"do better than yesterday" 
when is enough enough? 
I kicked butt yesterday 
I ate great
drank my water 
moved my body 

I am accountable to myself 
make enough enough 
Karla's hashtag 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

who is this girl???

2 work days down, 4 to go 
6 twelve hour days in a row 
I am though listening to my body 
I got home last night at 6:30pm and 
I was lights out sleepy time by 7
9 hours straight!! a feel prepared for today's events 
I am still below 160 this morning so all good 
balance, it's about balance 
so today's food is packed, recorded and planned 
yall enjoy the weekends/holidays festivites and pool parties 
I'll just be here holding down the fort 
tootles yall 
Who is this girl??!!! 
Thank you Katelyn Tarver 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

What up with Dat?

I love (read not) how gyms advertise "24 hour Fitness" 
and (for example) don't open until 7AM on Saturday 
I am currently on a quest to find someplace I can work out 
My current "open always" gym for example 
Today I can't work out 
sure I could go after work along with the 
1,597,356,364,985,355 people!!! 
I like to work out at like 4AM - 5AM 
I leave for work by 6-630 AM gym doesn't open until 7
same for Sunday and Monday (4th of July holiday hours) 
so I can't workout today
or tomorrow 
or 4th of July 
and I am pretty sure the 5th of July they open at 5AM 
annoying .....
I'll find something truly 24 hours 
I am on a mission...
and maybe some abs 
food is on point 
keeping at it!!! 
5 more work days until a day off 
yeah... while the rest of the world is 
off enjoying festivities 
some of us are working 
oh well 
off to do some cardio, abs and pack my food 

Friday, June 30, 2017

yep still here .... catch up post

first let me put this out here 
This is the kind of post I NEVER read 
blah blah blah big ole long yammering (AKA just talking)  
but here I go 

I have been laying low

Under the radar 

Just doing my own thing
For this whole past month 
And I have had a nice month 
Weight is the same ... holding in the 150's

Working out is a constant not what I used to do by any measure 
and truthfully I do miss the structure 

I do what I can and I am okay with this 

Always some cardio and then a three circuits (2 arm or back movements followed by a leg movement) then a burst of cardio 
Repeat 3 times 

I did try crossfit 

Humm do I like it? Truthfully I am not sure. It doesn't feel like enough of a work out 


I have never gotten more direction on movements as I have in crossfit. 

The instructors want you to do the movement correctly and the on-boarding/introduction month is all about correct form .... 

so I think blah that was a nothing workout when I leave 

but wake up the next morning and my butt is so sore I can't squat so it is a short HARD workout
where I am used to a fast paced longer workout 

not sure I will keep at it ...
the whole goal of changing things was to find a way to do this training ON MY OWN 
and doing crossfit isn't on my own 

There are Zumba classes at my gym 

yeah I know... dorky... but I want to try them 

I just got off my treadmill, slept in a bit this morning, but NO EXCUSES 
going to be a long week 
my week is JUST starting I work the next 6 days straight (can you say UGH) 

I will get back to blogitty blogging 

but with less yammering 


Monday, June 19, 2017

one bad meal!!!! ah NO!

Hope everyone had a nice Papa's day yesterday 
my eats: 
1/3 dry measure instant oats, 4 egg whites  
coffee with half and half  
Premier protein mixed with SF Chai tea 
and a Kirkland bar  
4 whites, mustard and crispy toast  
it was a coffee kinda day  
2 Veggie burgers with broccoli  
fro yo  
then I got home 
kinda sad cause I missed the day's festivities 
and I DID NOT have a good work day 
started to search ... graze mode 
ahhh what are the left over's from the family get together?
mind you... I was not even a little hungry 
then I remembered an article 
about how ONE MEAL 
can ruin a weeks efforts 
ah NO!!! 
so I realized what I was wanting to do wasn't 
hungry eat 
it was 
emotional eat
so I had two of these 
went to bed and called it a night 
and I did 20 minutes on the treadmill yesterday morning also 
tootles bloggity crew

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's day folks!

4 whites and 1/3 dry measure oats 
prepared separately then mixed together 
been a long time since I had oats 
I am going to add them back in 
ahhh yum! 
Kirkland protein bars
taste just like Quest in my opinion 
and not as spendy 
premier protein 
with 2 shots espresso and 3 pumps skinny mocha  
4 egg whites, spicy mustard on crispy toast  
this my blog peoples was AMAZING!!!!! 
cauliflower rice, and cooked ground turkey 
yep that was it! 
added some Ranch flavored popcorn salt and pure de Heaven!  
and my nightly fo yo  
no access to gym on Saturday, Sunday or Mondays
as they open later 
so I did a little sumpin sumpin 
believe me I was sweating yesterday morning! 
tootles bloggity peeps 
I have to work 

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