Monday, January 23, 2017

back to work we go

I am feeling so much better 
not 100% but better 
miracle of miracles!!!! 
had family from out of town, 9 days off, 
was sick and I still lost 2.6 pounds this week 
the week started off rough
eating in full force 
but I put the brakes on Thursday and kept focused 
didn't go crazy with I need this or that 
just counted and kept to the budget 
I was actually a little surprised this morning 
but my son and I are helping one another and 
we send Monday scale pictures to each other 
so 2.6 ... yeah I will take it 
let's try for a repeat!!! 
life is calm 
smooth sailing 
no trips 
just life in session 
time to chill and and do this 

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