Thursday, January 12, 2017

don't care... meh... and in the zone

it's like there are a few Karla's living inside my head

I don't care Karla:
... whatever, you will never get to your goal weight, just eat what you want, eat it whatever you deserve it. You work in grocery store and how can you be expected to manage your weight around all this food, go for it!!! you can always worry about it tomorrow, don't workout whats the point .... she is a crazy gal... she loves donuts, Mickey D's and all kinds of cookies and chips... she has no stop button. Unfortunately she is LOUD!!! 

the meh meh meh Karla 
Weight Watchers
Jenny Craig
Whole 30
Shake system
no system
spend a zillion dollars on stuff I won't use 
join, un-join
follow, un-follow 
start ... stop 
so so so exhausting and demotivating... 

then there is in the zone Karla, but she is like trying to find a unicorn 
she is focused
but she is in there.... somewhere 
and any or all the above ways meh meh Karla has zone Karla can make work 
this Karla hides.... she is like the bear that hibernates..
she hides then bam she makes and appearance out of nowhere... why? no clue 
what makes her appear? ... no clue
where was she all this time? no clue
I need to find this zone Karla 
cause truth be told I am a hot mess right now
anyone seen her? 
the in the zone Karla? 
she is around for like 3 days then I don't care Karla comes... followed by meh meh Karla 

 crazy town here 


  1. You are hilarious. I love your posts. Hope you find in the Zone Karla soon.

  2. If I dangle a carrot out will IN TE ZONE KARLA come out and play? I would suggest trying to remember when she was out to play and what you were doing differently that brought her out. I know for me it is no sugar. Once I cut it out I can focus. Good luck! Love the meme blogging but boy that has to take a lot of work/time.


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