Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

yeah yeah we all say we don't have New Year Resolutions
but we secretly do
or that's my take on this

things I am going to do this year
be better with my money...
I wasted SOOOOOO much money on silly stuff last year
RULE: you can get whatever you want online
there is a 24 hour cooling off... think about it period
I have already been doing this and have saved 100's!!!
internet buying is too easy

started 2016 at 174
ended 2016 at 162
did a lot of start, stop
start, stop
reaffirmed (yet again for the zillionth time) I am my own worst enemy

2016 ended in kind of a bad way
car accident, sick, mean people....
hummmm not good 
discovered that mean girls have no age limit 
no wonder I am so socially awkward 
I so do not want to get involved in the hater movement 

so here's to 2017
hope it see's all my family healthy and happy 


  1. Happy new year! I need to have a cooling off period for online purchases too. Great idea!

  2. I hate mean girls...seems they'd grow up at some point.

    I'd say you've had a successful year - your weight is less!

    Sorry to hear about an accident...that sucks.


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