Tuesday, January 24, 2017

re-gainers anonymous

so I follow a lot of folks on Instagram
and through blogs
and on Facebook
I am kind of a social media junkie
and I have noticed a few have come out in 2017 with the big reveal that they have gained, a lot of their weight back... like a LOT

we are human
I am not a fitness robot, not a food robot. I think it's amazing when I see those ladies that come back after having a baby and focus... lose the weight and look bangin!!

but that's not me
I lose, gain, feel good, feel awful.....  I struggle

I am up from my all time low,
I would like to be smaller for my daughters wedding which is later this year
I got this 

I lost it in 2010 using this blog as an outlet and means of support and I can do it again

I wish I could be the one that discovers the magic solution... uses it... and it's a miracle my lifetime weight struggle is cured, but that ain't happening... I think the closest to that would be removal of sugars from my diet... this would be the closest "magic cure" I have found
the more sugar I ingest the more I want and on and on and on
and artificial sugars just make me crave the sugar so that's something for me to stay away from
I am all over the place with this post ....

did you see the list of good vs bad diets in 2017? google it
oh come on!!!
processed food diets, prepared meals were better rated that whole FOOD diets
people people people

we all want a quick fix
the diets with the prepared foods all made the list of best!!!
Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem???

REALLY??? buy this prepared food and all your weight loss problems will be eradicated.... 

nah that may be the solution for some and I wish this was me.... believe me I have tried this so many times, I tried the Jenny Craig diet for a while.... I had the entire weeks treats eaten before I even made it home!!!!! delicious! 
tootles.... finding my groove here in So Cal 

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  1. I honk those packaged ones rate better because so many people are lazy. A coworker of mine does nutrisystem and can lose lots of weight but as soon as he goes off of it forget it! I told him to just buy a rotisserie chicken and veggies for supper but he is too lazy for that even! He'd rather drive to fast food. I do give him credit for at least getting healthier things at fast food places, but still...


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