Saturday, January 28, 2017

yep... I am Clueless

nothing new and exciting to report 
oh you have finally gotten into the 150's? 
nah that hasn't happened yet 
I do GREAT, my clothes feel looser then 
boing right back up 
story of my life
so here I sit this beautiful Saturday morning 
with no pearls of wisdom 
no great success story to share... 
yep I got nothing 
I did hit the gym 5 times last week 
I guess that's a good thing 
I did try the My Fit Foods thinking that would help me 
did GREAT for 4 or 5 days 
then demolished a bag of cookies 
it's like there is this side of me that is afraid 
afraid to be a success 
afraid of the attention 
what am I afraid of? 
why am I afraid? 
hummmm I think I may be onto something here 
I will need to ponder on this today 

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